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CH-100 hydraulic punching tool

CH-100 hydraulic punching tool
Product Description: Hydraulic Punching Tool Function Description:
1. Separation of hydraulic punching machine for L, H flat steel, steel aluminum row of punching.
2. Block, flat bottom design, smooth Akira can not be inverted.
3. Single-hole-type back to oil, using high-carbon tungsten alloy mold can not be broken.
4. CH-70, CH60 split hydraulic punching device, designed to angle iron, flat iron, copper and other metal sheet punch, especially for electric power, construction and other industries operating in the field site.
5. with pump CFP-800-1, CP-700, ZCB-700A, CTE-25AS pumps, etc. to use.

Model: CH-100
Output (t): 50
iron / steel plate (mm): 13
copper / aluminum (mm): 16
jets depth (mm): 150
products leaving the factory with 5 pay for mold size mm: 10.5 13.8 17 20.5 38