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TYD-I multi-bus processing machine

TYD-I multi-bus processing machine
Model: EPCB-401 bus processing machine
features: manual control valve clear direction for the deployment of the working machine functions; Teleconverter comes with a foot switch a person may operate;
Ping Li bending angle accurately. copper / aluminum row after the completion of bending does not produce tears status, to ensure the copper / aluminum row of conductive safety and performance;
package of equipment, including electric hydraulic pumps, cutting row machine, punching machine , curved row machine and embossing machine, all in an integrated manner mounted on mobile vehicles. conducive to the flow of the workshop or field work;
copper and aluminum row of shearing, punching, bending Ping Li , embossed;
transformer, switch cabinet assembly;
the installation of power transmission project operations;
related information
row of machine-cut contribute to the effort: 23ton;
Chong hole machine contribute to the effort: 27ton;
curved row of machine contribute to the effort: 16ton;
embossing machine contribute to the effort: 55ton;
technical parameters
Voltage (V): 220;
Work Hydraulic (kgf/cm2): 700;
shear material and ability to
copper / aluminum row: 150 mm 12 mm;
bending material and ability to
Flat bend copper / aluminum row: 200 mm 12 mm;
open-cell materials and the ability
copper t12.5 mm: ?9 mm-?21 mm;
aluminum row t12.5 mm: ?6 mm-?21 mm;
embossing materials, and ability to
for busbar (mm): 150 12.5;
working stroke (mm) : 26: Working Pressure (T): 55;
Weight (kg): 320
Standard Accessories: Punching Mold 90 V-type flat curved mold;
electric pump can be optional ZCB6 - 5-A foot-operated solenoid valve (factory produced)
or CTE-25AS (imported pump)